Saturday, May 1, 2010

Final Project: Paladin WIP

Hi everyone.
I've been working on some stuff for my final project, based VERY loosely on the Knights Templar of the Crusades.
The concept I am and believe I will continue to work on after the project is completed is a specialized group of Templar, a kill team so to speak, that hunts demonic infestations when and where they arise.

This character is a paladin. While still a strong fighter, he is also very spiritual and can cast spells to hurt and banish demons.

I started out with a sketch of his armor. I exaggerated it to give him a more unique and powerful look.

Next, I opened Photoshop and using the sketch for reference, made a greyscale of the paladin. I added lighting to help with directional lighting.

I then added some color to the image to flesh it out.

Once I had settled the initial colors, I added in a background to the image. I felt that, being the Crusade era, it would more than likely take place in Israel. Thus, I went with a more desert theme for this image.

I then added more tonal value to the image, in the form of greater highlights and shadows.

Next I added in the effects of him casting a spell. Not entirely realistic with the glyphs floating around it, but since the concept would be based for gaming, I felt that the visual would lend itself to the experience and eyecandy of the player.

Final image to come! Thanks for looking!

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  1. I like the way that you modernized his look and also it does add strength to the templar lighting is good and shadowing is very good. The way the armor hugs his body now instead of the old armor is more suitable for todays gaming enthusiasts. Like it a lot.