Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Project: Knights WIP

Hey all, here is the work in progress on my knights of the crusade.

Starting off, my sketch to give a general idea of the knight armor and clothing. This gave me a basis from which I could work with.

Next, I opened Photoshop and started with a greyscale portion, adding highlights and shadows right off the get go.

From there, I added in some details, such as fleshing out the one knight's face.

Then, I added in the base portions of color.

The background came next.

Once I had the background generally finished, I moved onto detailing the weapons a little further.

Coming up, the final image.


  1. Like all the technique but what I really marvel at is the earth how you made it look so real like I was looking at dirt amazing too bad the guys weren't cuter

  2. you keep looking and looking and there is always something else to see especially in the background lots of work that I am sure took a long time looking forward to your next one