Monday, May 3, 2010

Final Project: Knights Final

Here is the final image for my knights.

I added in some adversaries in the forms of bloody/oily looking demons, pouncing at our heroes.
I added a little more black to the image, in areas, and blurred out the background a bit as i felt it was too sharp and distracting.
A little more shadow was needed on some areas as well, like the one side of the knight's face.

Anyways, enjoy!

Final Project: Knights WIP

Hey all, here is the work in progress on my knights of the crusade.

Starting off, my sketch to give a general idea of the knight armor and clothing. This gave me a basis from which I could work with.

Next, I opened Photoshop and started with a greyscale portion, adding highlights and shadows right off the get go.

From there, I added in some details, such as fleshing out the one knight's face.

Then, I added in the base portions of color.

The background came next.

Once I had the background generally finished, I moved onto detailing the weapons a little further.

Coming up, the final image.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Final Project: Paladin Final

Here is the final art for the paladin.
I added in the demons for adversaries, but I am not happy with the fire on the second demon. I could not get it right no matter what I did. Maybe once I've learned more, I can come back to it and improve.

Well, here it is, let me know what you think!

Final Project: Paladin WIP

Hi everyone.
I've been working on some stuff for my final project, based VERY loosely on the Knights Templar of the Crusades.
The concept I am and believe I will continue to work on after the project is completed is a specialized group of Templar, a kill team so to speak, that hunts demonic infestations when and where they arise.

This character is a paladin. While still a strong fighter, he is also very spiritual and can cast spells to hurt and banish demons.

I started out with a sketch of his armor. I exaggerated it to give him a more unique and powerful look.

Next, I opened Photoshop and using the sketch for reference, made a greyscale of the paladin. I added lighting to help with directional lighting.

I then added some color to the image to flesh it out.

Once I had settled the initial colors, I added in a background to the image. I felt that, being the Crusade era, it would more than likely take place in Israel. Thus, I went with a more desert theme for this image.

I then added more tonal value to the image, in the form of greater highlights and shadows.

Next I added in the effects of him casting a spell. Not entirely realistic with the glyphs floating around it, but since the concept would be based for gaming, I felt that the visual would lend itself to the experience and eyecandy of the player.

Final image to come! Thanks for looking!