Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Illustration Friday Catch Up, Vol. 1

Hey all, playing a little catch up on my Illustration Friday topics. Three down, three to go.

First up, propagate, perspective and rescue!

Propagate: I took this on a more literal term. It is a picture of a broken gate being propped up! I know, cheesy. Haha.

Perspective: There seems to be a meteor traveling towards a planet, some similarities to Earth! There must be someone or something witnessing it!

Rescue: A helicopter rescue team has narrowed down their search and located a survivor on the ocean. Lucky guy!

More to come, but first, the pictures!
*note* These are quicker pictures.


  1. loved the play on words very unusual very cool

  2. that's a pretty calm ocean might have been more realistic with some wave action whitecaps and more like whew yeah he is a lucky guy not sure if that much effort was needed though for this project like your ideas