Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Illustration Friday: Wilderness

This is an art piece I created for Illustration

We were asked to depict the word "Wilderness" so this is my interpretation.
I decided to go with a female ie. Mother Nature, in a more capricious look and feel, less human and more feral.
This piece took a good 6+ hrs to do, and while I'm not completely happy with it, I'm not upset with it.

Any comments or criticism welcome, please try to keep it constructive!


  1. Josh; I'm really pleased with what you did here... good work! I'm a contributing editor to an illustration website called "Drawn!" and I want you to go check out this post I wrote about Matt Dixon. I think his work will be an inspiration for you.

    Good job on your first IF! :^)

  2. Thanks Leif!

    That link is interesting, I might have seen some of his work before, but would not have known it before now!